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Full Moon in Cancer January 10, 2020

Jan2020 FullMoonWe are focusing on self-care this full moon on January 10, 2020. We have a very special opportunity because of the lunar eclipse.  It occurs in the sign of Cancer while it opposes Saturn conjunct Pluto. In astrology, the Moon is our emotional life, and when it is opposed to Saturn conjunct Pluto, it reflects a need to let go of emotional experiences that we are holding onto that may be stymying our personal growth.

This could even include family of origin issues that resurface in order to be dealt with again.


For our self-care moon ritual, we are going to bring compassion and forgiveness to one of these experiences so we can move forward in our evolution. You will need a Heart Blessed Herbal candle, Heart Chakra spray and an Inner Beauty Affirmation candle, candle holders, paper and pen.

In a sacred space, reflect on the experience you know is holding you back.  Here are some things to consider in case, like me, you block a lot out. Did something awful happen, and you quit the school play and then never tried out again?  Did you grow up poor and believe you don’t have the smarts or luck to be prosperous? Did you lose a parent when you were a child and you still feel less than or lost?  These are just a few examples to get you thinking.  


Once you are ready, spray your heart chakra with the Heart Chakra Magic spray.  Get calm and centered and write a brief statement of the situation. Describe how that makes you feel about yourself and write it down.  Light the Heart Blessed Herbal Candle and begin releasing your feelings into the flame. You can do this by verbally reading the note you wrote, or you can burn the paper in the flame.  Keep your heart open and soft and really let the past go up in smoke.  


On a separate piece of paper, write down a few words that describe how you want to feel about yourself. Then describe how you want the world to see you.  Spray your heart chakra again and invite forgiveness and compassion for yourself and anyone else involved. Be open to wisdom flowing in to help you understand the situation in a way you didn’t before.  Light the Inner Beauty Affirmation candle and read aloud the things you wrote on the paper. If you are inspired to add more words, go for it. You may keep the paper or burn that one too. If you keep the paper, put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you of where you are now in your heart and mind. 


Support this transformational work with the positive affirmations from your healing ritual and a spritz of the heart chakra magic spray any time you have a lapse of confidence and self-love. 

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