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Shore up your personal power STAT

The year 2020 brings opportunity because so much will be changing. Doors are always opening when there is a lot of flux, so take full advantage of it. The season of the Capricorn began December 21st but is prominent in January posing as the wiser, older brother.

He is here to shake us awake and tell us to start growing up. Hitting the snooze button just makes things harder for us. Big brother says taking responsibility and building important personal authority is crucial right now and will prepare us for the trends of the upcoming year.

Pay attention to Saturn conjunct Pluto. It is the aspect of the year and sets the stage for the 2020 dramas. Saturn wants to concretize and hold onto the established order. He digs in and craves control. However, everything in life including the current ‘order’ must come to an end, and something else is reborn to take its place. Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, provides the fuel for this to happen. Together, Saturn and Pluto will root out corruption, dissolve hierarchies, and create a new social order. Saturn conjunct Pluto is predominantly a collective aspect, it will mainly be visible on the world stage, but internally we all need to take an honest look at what is no longer working in our lives and make an active choice to transform it.

Bottom line is the outdated and status quo will die because Saturn and Pluto are battling it out on the world stage and there is something in our personal lives to look at. Change is the only thing we can be certain about and it’s happening on all fronts – physical, psychological and spiritual. We must be strong and know who we are to manage all of that gracefully. Capricorn, master of transformation says let go of the old and let the new take hold.

Getting through January will be like walking a minefield

We start with Mars in fiery Sagittarius. We’ll be drawn to the big picture to make sure our future is filled with potential and possibilities. Sagittarius energy says it’s perfectly ok if our future is all up to us and we are the ones to make it happen. Caution is, we must go easy on ourselves and keep the goals attainable. Start small and build on that. As the Full Moon enters Cancer she will also eclipse. We will find our emotions take center stage. The gift is that it will lead to finally healing that lingering hurt from the past. We can thank Saturn conjunct Pluto for that blessing. A Blessed Herbal Needed Changes or Truth & Justice candles will loosen the energy.

Right on the heels of the Full Moon, the Sun, Venus and Mercury bring us problems with authority figures. Things could get intense. Thankfully Venus in the sign of Pisces brings temperance with a touch of sympathy and compassion. On January 18th, we all need to hold our tongues. Please put that on the calendar. The potential for saying something we’ll regret and will cause significant damage is sky high. Do some candle magic with the Road Opener Hoo Doo candle to soften potential challenges and the Blessed Herbal Attraction candle to make sure the law is on your side.

As the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 20th we will see the energy change to a lighter more social vibe. Take a breather and enjoy your relationships with family, friends and co-workers because on the 23rd a surprise problem pops up. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone to figure this one out. Resisting change this time will certainly make it worse. Re-light that Blessed Herbal Needed Change candle to help you accept the turning of the tides. The Transition Blessing Kit can also be helpful.

We wrap up the month of January in an astrological coma. It will be so hard to get things done. No short cuts or shady business are recommended to remedy your frustration. Karma is not in the mood and will bitch slap you for good measure. Take a deep breath and keep going. This is temporary and not worth throwing out the baby with the bathwater so to speak.

In our relationships, Venus and Pluto sextile will give you a chance to claim your personal power. More than likely, when you speak you will be heard, when you draw a boundary it will be respected, when you love it will be received and returned. When you stand up for yourself it will prove to you once and for all that you do create your reality. Candle magic to help is Affirmation Goddess, Affirmation Inner Beauty and Hoo Doo Adam and Eve.

Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives.

Meet Storm at For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology. A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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