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Sagittarius is all about optimism and belief in a better world

Did you ever wonder why the holiday season is all about peace and good will towards men? Well, it’s because the holidays begin during Sagittarius season. Sagittarius is all about optimism and the belief in a better world. So, you can see why everyone is in such a good mood and willing to let go of their hard-earned money to purchase gifts that will be opened in 10 minutes.

But, would we have it any other way?

Sagittarius season starts off with the Sun in the 6th house. This means that the optimistic spirit innate in the sign of the centaur will be expressed through the events of our daily lives. Still, the Sagittarius Sun instructs us to keep our eye on the big picture and not get bogged down in details we call struggles. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water because of a bad day. Keep working the plan.

We have two major astrological events that occur during Sagittarius season – Jupiter moves into Capricorn and Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus.

Let’s begin with Jupiter moving into the sign of the goat. Now, Jupiter is considered ill-dignified in Capricorn and has trouble expressing its expansive spirit. However, Jupiter, regardless of its placement, remains generous and plies us with opportunities. Capricorn says you still have to work for it. It could be a win, win negotiation for all.

This dovetails into Jupiter trine Uranus, and you’re going to love this. Uranus reflects our need to be innovative and approach life by trying new strategies. Combine this with Jupiter’s expansive qualities you are bound to succeed at anything you do. You can boost your luck by magically charging this aspect with Success Affirmation candle and Road Opener Motor City Hoo Doo candle or oil.

What to watch out for in the first half of December.

On December 3rd the truth won’t hide from you, and you will have amazing insights around a situation you are puzzling about. Use this time to negotiate deals or build positive business relationships. In the romance department December 3rd is also the prime time to bond with your significant other and is ideal for making a new love connection. If you chose to wait a week, the situation could look totally different as Venus will be moving into Capricorn on the 10th .

On December 8th our energy will be low and slow as the Sun squares Neptune. Best use of this time is it to turn inward through music, meditation, and spiritual work. It’s better to tune in than tune out and will prepare you for the energy boost brought by Mercury as it moves into Sagittarius on December 9th . The optimistic spirit of the sign of the archer will kick into high gear so if you need to pursue a legal solution to problems, go for it. Mercury will also reactivate the lucky aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. Take advantage of this energy while you can because it will not be available again until 2028. Energy and Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candles are recommended for communication issues through December.

The second half of December high lights

Venus continues to rain on our parade as she conjoins Saturn on December 11th . Insecurities and unresolved relationship issues arise and need to be handled. If you pass on this big giant hint, long-term difficulties could easily occur.

The financial forecast for December is equally difficult. It’s necessary to be careful of your spending throughout the month because struggles, past financial issues, and potential surprises could influence your bottom line. Like last month, you need to continue burning protection candles to preserve your resources. Try Protection Blessed Herbal candle, Fiery Wall of Protection Motor City Hoo Doo candle or Guardian Protector Affirmation candle.

Later in the month (December 19 – December 22), Mars forms a resourceful sextile to Saturn and Pluto. The two planetary configurations will give you the drive and determination to succeed, especially if you charge it with Crown of Glory Motor City Hoo Doo candle or oil.

The Sun also mixes it up with Uranus and Jupiter. These aspects make December the month to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented. The smell of victory in the air! We will wrap this astro magic up with what Mars is up to in December. Mars is in Scorpio, who is diligent, materialistic, and has the stamina to pursue almost anything. So, you can use this energy to pursue whatever you desire. There you have it. The best way to surf the stars in December.

Special thanks to our Astrology expert, Storm Cestavani, Astrological Life Coach, for his astute guidance on how the planets affect our daily lives.

Meet Storm at For Storm, Astrology is a lifelong study and passion. His combination of Astrology, psychology, mythology and Kabbalistic studies create an experience he calls Transformational Astrology. A session with Storm is about unlocking your potential through self-awareness, healing and perfect timing. We give Storm 12 stars.

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