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New Moon in Aquarius on January 24, 2020

Jan2020 NewMoonContinuing with the theme of self-care we are going to use the energy of the new Moon in Aquarius to help us change our behavior.  During the full moon we released old energy. Now we will put that healing into our reality by doing things differently and in a more positive way.

  The Aquarian moon brings out our desire to quit the status quo, and even break our own rules. We need this impetus to help us regain our personal freedom and individuality.  For example, if we choose to rise above unhealthy family traditions in the full moon ritual earlier this month, this energy will be the stimuli we need.

New moon candle magic ritual – changing our own PITA behaviors

You will need the Solar Plexus Chakra Magic spray, Blessed Herbal Needed Changes candle or Hoo Doo Reversing candle and Success Affirmation candle.

On the first day of the new moon, January 23rd, begin with a lit Needed Changes or Reversing candle.  Have it going while you write down the things you do that are counterproductive to who you want to be and how you want to handle your life circumstances.  You will need to be very honest about how you act and respond. Take time to reflect on why you behave this way. What is the underlying motivation, wound or belief?  

Once you have identified it, ask yourself what you need to heal that.  Ask for help if needed. Then you are ready to change your behavior. Be patient and loving with yourself.  This is a rebuilding and retraining right down to the soul level. Have faith and confidence that you can do this.  

Spray the Confidence Chakra Magic spray across your solar plexus.  Feel your solar plexus open and soften and it releases the tension around the old painful way you used to be.  

On January 24th, light the needed changes or reversing candle again. Spray your solar plexus again.  Say a prayer for spiritual help in transforming the energy in your heart, solar plexus, your mind and soul into positive, healthy behaviors that supports the new you.  Feel the power grow as you regain personal freedom and ignite your individual spirit. Next you will write out your desired behaviors. What does that look like? Write some scripts and responses to help you with real world scenarios that will come up.   

On January 25th, the third day of the new moon phase, it’s time to put your intentions into practice.  Light the Success Affirmation candle and practice your script and responses at home in the mirror.  Give yourself all the support you need while you get comfortable with new words and phrases. Spritz your solar plexus each time you practice.  Once you get back to work, school, come out of your room and face the family or roommate, remember to take a deep breath and pause before you respond to challenging situations.  My favorite is, “I hear you and I’ll get back to you. I need a moment to think about it.” Make sure you have several of these little gems memorized. Practice every day for at least 21 days.  Notice that opportunities to will arise often to help you practice with real people and situations. This is the universe responding to the energy you are putting into the world. Don’t take it personally, be grateful for the opportunities to master this. Pray daily for peace to stabilize your emotions and your mind now and when you get triggered.  Keep your spray handy and let those candles burn to completion. Oh, and never leave a burning candle unattended. It’s ok to blow out the candle, you can re-light it when you return to do more work.  

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