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Full moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017

May 2017 Full MoonThe Scorpion Moon will show us how it’s done when it comes to being an empowered individual. No other zodiac sign goes more deeply in the psyche and roots around in the back of the Akashic closets than this one. Because of the influence of Scorpio on the full moon we will not become empowered because we’re smarter, or prettier or wealthier.

We will become empowered because we dared to become more self-aware. We will be fearless because we looked at our dark side, then accepted and forgave ourselves for the choices we made. We will become empowered because we learned from our mistakes, got up and began again. We will become empowered by not giving in to the pain others have caused us. We will not let that unfortunate experience define us.

Embracing our personal power takes guts.

There is no reason to fool ourselves. We are only powerful when we believe in ourselves in a truly authentic and genuine way. Most of the time this happens after we’ve been through something so consuming that when we raised our head up and noticed that we lived, or won, or finished, we see ourselves in a different light. That kind of empowerment becomes so ingrained in our DNA no one can take it away. This kind of success needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. During this full moon, throw yourself an Oscar Party. Make a trophy out of a Success Affirmation candle by inscribing your name on it. Empower your trophy by carving a word or symbol that best describes what you are honoring about yourself. My candle will have a set of barbells on it to honor just how strong I’ve had to be at different times in my life. When you are done, light the candle and let the party begin. I do hope you invite a few friends to the party. What the heck, have everyone bring a Success Affirmation candle and make a trophy for themselves.

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