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New moon in Gemini on May 25, 2017

May 2017 New moonI’m of two minds when it comes to talking about personal power. That’s what happens during a new moon in Gemini. We get an opportunity to look at both sides of the coin and compare the two perspectives. I caution you to be careful and don’t get tricked into undoing something beautiful.

During the full moon, we looked at the scary stuff we survived because we all need to acknowledge that we have something to celebrate. Owning your successes is part of embracing your personal power. Now, two weeks later, is the energy of the Gemini moon trying to talk us out of our trophy? By throwing doubts on our victories. If we can outrun the tiger once, can we do it again? The thing is, we don’t know. But, we have an advantage. We are able to learn something from each encounter with the tiger and we can apply that knowledge.

We think it’s only about the tiger, but it’s not. It’s about our ability to learn and adapt.

Part of becoming a self- aware, empowered being is in building trust in ourselves. Stop living in the past pain and scary parts and start realizing you lived! Let your body know you were successful again and again. We can all get stuck in fight or flight or freeze, but we don’t have to stay there. Let’s do a candle meditation during this new moon to put an end to the wishy washy question of, are we ok or not? Get your Crown of Glory Motor City Hoo Doo candle and remove all the packaging. On a piece of paper list out all the events you survived, then add known and unknown events. Don’t judge your list. If it caused you any kind of discomfort, it was something you were successful over, because you are still here. Light the candle and close your eyes. Relax into your meditation and start telling your body that you are alive and moving forward. The past is done and gone. Ask your brain to update its patterns and messaging to today’s reality that you are alive and moving forward. Ask your DNA to update itself to reflect that you are live and moving forward. The mischief has been managed and you survived. If you like you can go to your Akashic records and ask that your records be updated to show that you survived and are moving forward. When you are finished. Open your eyes and light the list on fire with your candle and let it burn out in a proper container for burning. Let your candle be completely consumed by letting it burn a few hours each day. Don’t talk about the past from a victim or failed perspective again. Now go out there wearing your virtual crown of glory proudly. You earned it.

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