How to throw a Coventry Magic party

Throw a Coventry Magic party Evergreen blogAt some point during a girl’s night out we get to complaining about our problems. We all have that one situation we just don’t know how to handle and we reach out to our best friends for insight or a big ‘ole shoulder to cry on.

How would you like to have an easy way to guide them through the tough questions? Not only do we have a candle for that, we have an oracle for that. Our Coventry Magic Oracle can give direction and a plan of action for just about every scenario you and your posse can come up with. Let’s help you lighten the mood by showing you how to throw a Coventry Magic Oracle party. It will take the focus off the problem and put it right where it needs to be, on the solution. This is an excellent twist to your gatherings.

Here’s how it works: When it’s your turn to host the girl’s night out, make it a Coventry Magic night. You can do this at your home, café or bar. Another idea is to talk to your local metaphysical store owner and ask if they’d be willing to stay open late one night and host it for you. Then you have a full stock of Coventry Candles at your fingertips. Being able to buy the Coventry candle in the moment is such a gratifying experience.

Let everyone know it’s a Coventry Magic party and come ready to put a problem to the CMO test and be ready with one or a few Coventry Magic Oracle decks, paper and pens. Once the chit chat turns to airing problems pull out your deck, shuffle it a few times and ask the question, What does (Nancy) need to help her solve this problem? Pull one to three cards. If (Nancy) is open to it, you and your friends can contribute to the interpretation of the card.

A quick lesson on how to read the CMO cards

Each card shows a Coventry Candle, the blessing or affirmation on the label and five ways to interpret the card. We put life into these five categories because everything life throws at you fall into one of these five points. If you get stuck, think of the situation with a question in mind. For example, is this about a relationship of any kind (for love), is this about my job, career, investment, new business idea (for prosperity), is this about my emotional, mental or physical health (for healing), is this about my luck, security or safety in any way, including psychic or spiritual (for protection), is this about the quality of my personal energy, the energy of my space and the energy around my relationships or situation (for clearing)?

You can approach the card from two directions.

  1. Ask about money, love or relationship, illness or health, protection or security, or clearing issue. Clearing is for anything spiritual, mental, emotional or situational.
  2. Bring the situation to the deck and after picking a card, assess what solution or guidance best fits it.

When doing a three card spread you will assign a meaning to each card.

  1. The first card is what you need to heal
  2. Second card is what you need to clear
  3. The third card is the blind spot and the magic you need to do (the action you take) to overcome it.

Here is an example reading to inspire you

What do I need to do to get my needs met? Are you in a situation where no matter what you do or say, there is something left to be desired when it comes to getting your needs met? Sure, everyone is busy, taxed, distracted or just plain out of gas and not in a great space to help you out. So where do you turn when you seriously feel like you’ve gotten the short end of the stick of life? Let’s see what the Coventry Magic Oracle has to say.

What you need to Heal – Ancestor Blessed Herbal Candle – Burn this candle to open up that connection to your higher self (the light) and source of your inspiration. While meditating with this candle, ask that you be healed of all negative beliefs and be shown where you are sabotaging your efforts that leave you feeling abandoned, disrespected or ignored.

What you need to Clear – Lakshmi World Candle – Burn this candle to attract the attention of the goddess of wealth and opportunity. Appeal to her generosity and ask for help in clearing all blocks to being worthy of success, recognition and assistance. When the gates open you will find it much easier to meet your own needs and get cooperation from others as well.

What you’re ready to manifest – Mak’in Tracks Wicked Witch Mojo candle – Burn this candle to help you give the boot to wrong thinking and bad behavior directed at you from others. Remember, they are just fulfilling a self-professed prophecy that you just can’t get your needs met. The energy and attitude of the Wicked Witch Mojo Mak’in Tracks candle will make it impossible for ill will to stay in your vicinity and makes room for you to manifest a life filled with people, situations and opportunities that support the new you that believes you are worth it.

The overview - The advice we get from our oracle is to stop looking around you for input or rescuing and go straight to the source. Not the source of the problem but the source of your inspiration. Some call it going within, others call it inviting in the light or praying. We call it, living with the reality you created. The world around you is a mirror of your own beliefs. If you secretly believe you are not worthy of getting your needs met, it will be harder for you to attract or act on desired opportunities. You may already be experiencing a cycle of getting passed over. The cool adjunct here is that you can stop defeating beliefs in their tracks and recreate your reality into one that works for you instead of against you. It just takes a little magic from us and some attitude adjustment from you. Let’s work together!

Let’s go shopping!

Of course you’re not going to turn your home into a store, but the idea is, your friends will go online or pop into their local new age or metaphysical store and pick up the candles recommended in the reading. Doing the reading will get you the insight and trigger some soul searching, and that is awesome. Putting those thoughts into action is where the magic happens. Lighting the candle and doing the meditation, affirmation or blessing is where we start creating our own reality and certainly changing the one we’re sitting in right now. You and your friends will have so much more to talk about when you introduce this very empowering tool into their life. You are such a cool friend.

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