Dec2019 FullMoonWe are talking about being fiercely independent this month. One of the biggest ways we can demonstrate our boundaries is through the way we communicate. With the support of the full moon in Gemini, who governors of all the ways we express ourselves, we can really work out the kinks in our style.

Think of this moon as our personal coach.

Do you know you, without self-awareness and the appropriate behavior changes, your attempts to stand your ground could really fall flat? To master this, first, be mindful of the stories you tell yourself when your feelings are hurt and buttons are pushed.  Once you understand the reasons and the payoffs of your story, you have to clean them up by letting go of all victim mentality and language. Unfortunately, Neptune adds a touch of martyrdom during this full moon, so stay strong and don’t give in to your negative fantasies. They will steer you wrong.  Once the mental and emotional decks are cleared, you are ready to adopt fierce independent behavior and speech. Our best candles to burn while doing this are Truth and Justice and Happy Home Blessed Herbal candles. The Truth and Justice candle will help you see through the story and the Happy Home candle will help you bring in the love and security you need while creating healthy boundaries. Doing these two things alone will propel you forward in your life in a more empowered way.  

This full moon is also about completing unfinished tasks and making a decision. Especially the ones revolving around our brothers and sisters, roommates or neighbors. You know, all those important but not as intimate relationships that still impact our lives. Make the most of this energy and decide what you want to do. Then go into action. You will be pleased with the results.   

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