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New moon in Scorpio October 27, 2019

Oct2019 NewMoonA new moon in Scorpio means letting go in a much deeper way than saying you are dead to me.  

Those are just words.  Put your money where your smart mouth is and do some real transformational work with all the things that really pissed you off and nearly ruined your life.

  It will be hard work and hurt like the dickens, but it is a much better choice than living with the pain and potentially making you seriously ill.


Let’s do a transformational ritual together.  By now you know the drill. You’re going to get some candles, candle holders, find a private place to work and go to it.  For this ritual you will need an Uncrossing Hoo Doo Candle, and a Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo or Blessed Herbal candle, Salt and paper and pen.  


Light the Spiritual Cleansing candle. In the glow of its flame, write out the situation you need to clear or transform.  To help you get started, I’ll tell you my situation. I needed to release my need to be right. It was something I learned from my dad.  This family pattern was not making me, or anyone else for that matter, happy. I had to transform it into a more positive behavior. I wrote about the fear behind it, how it helped me and how it hurt me and how it affected my relationships. I also wrote about how I felt about this pattern in my dad, how it made me feel about myself and about him.  


When your story is done, place it on the table and pour salt all over it then drip some of the spiritual cleansing wax onto the salt.  Visualize all the negatively charged energy in your words being dissolved by the salt. Take a few deep breaths and affirm that your mind and emotions are releasing this toxic energy too.  


Now light the Uncrossing candle.  In the glow of this flame, write out all the situations that could trigger old thoughts and feelings.  Reflect on your words then, answer each trigger with a new way of being or way to respond to the circumstance.  For me, I noted that I could use a deep breath to help me pause before I speak. It allowed me to choose my words more carefully.  I also considered there could be more than one answer to the problem. I also noted that my insecurities caused my need to be right.  I gave myself permission to not know the answer or not be the smartest person in the room. I gave serious consideration that working toward the answer together was more fun than figuring it out all by myself.  


Now it’s your turn.  What did you come up with?  Let the energy of the uncrossing candle support your new way of being.  Light it every day and especially on those tough days when you just want to put up your hand and say, “you are dead to me”.  This transformational ritual will transform you and you will love the new you.


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