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Full Moon in Aquarius August 15, 2019

Full moon in Aquarius Aug 15August 15th brings us a Full moon in Aquarius, the sign of groups and collective ideals.  The full moon is also a time when we make changes in our life or changes happen in our life.  With this month’s theme about finding joy in helping others, we can use this full moon to assess what enriches our lives rather than hanging on to what no longer feeds our souls.

  Helping others is just one of the many things we can do to switch gears from being painfully self-absorbed to a pretty cool person when our personal stakes are down. If you find yourself going through an unplanned change in friendship, group, career or heart you will need some tools and some coaching.


I found an excellent blog on the 7 stages of losing a best friend by Samantha Most, https://thoughtcatalog.com/samantha-most/2017/08/the-7-stages-of-losing-your-best-friend/

and I think you can apply them to many other situations.  She breaks the breakup into the seven stages we go through until we pop out the other side ready to live life again.  It takes time and a serious helping of self-awareness to traverse all seven stages. Samantha aptly labels them denial, anger, depression, doubt, determination, appreciation and finally optimism.  As you read through her blog, allow yourself to be coached. Be kind to yourself and trust that you will heal.  


I promised you tools as well as coaching.  As a Coventry Creations die hard, I have two candle rituals for you.  The first our August Witches Union Spell caster Club card, Finding joy in helping others spell. The other is this ritual to help you heal from a change you didn’t choose.  You will need a Healing Blessed Herbal candle, Sweet Grass World Magic oil, the Tarot card 10 of Swords and the Tarot card “Strength”.  The first thing you do is read the blog by Samantha Most. Then you write out your situation and fold it around the 10 of swords card.  Next, anoint the Strength card with the Sweet Grass World Magic oil and then place it across the other tarot card and your paper. Place the unwrapped healing candle in a candle holder and light it.  Affirm that you are willing to take all the steps necessary to fully heal from this painful situation. Let the candle burn a few hours each day until it’s gone. Observe how you are moving through the seven stages of losing a best friend (as it applies to you).  Be kind and forgiving to yourself and others and you slowly heal and renew.  


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