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New Moon in Virgo August 30, 2019

New moon in Virgo Aug 30It’s a New Moon on August 30th and it’s in Virgo. During the full moon on the 15th we took the time to evaluate the people we are hanging with.  If changes were necessary or forced upon us we took action and did one of the two candle rituals offered.

  Now that the moon is new and in Virgo, we can fill that void with a magical spell designed to help us find a new job, develop new positive habits and making new healthy alliances.  We can work on attracting the right people who will resonate with our purpose and goals in life. Virgo energy is all about manifesting the right conditions that give meaning to our life. This is one of the hardest-working signs in the zodiac and she wants to make sure you get your new beginnings off on the right foot.

To put yourself in the right mindset for receiving inspiration, vitality and tenacity do this brief candle ritual.  Then the magical work you have planned for this new moon will have something to take root into. After removing all the wrapping from a Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo candle, place it in a candle holder and light it.  Speak into the flame all your doubts and fears. Let all those negative thoughts get burned up in the heat of the flame.  When you are done, know that your mind is now receptive to inspiration. Spray the Chakra Magic Answers spray above your head and affirm that you will learn of your next step in a dream or meditation or from something happening in your life.  Be open and willing to consider anything. Openness is what is needed while you and the universe get aligned. Don’t waste your energy on worry or doubt.  This will work as long as you stay in the creative flow.     


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