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Taurus sez, the grass is green on both sides of the fence.

April Taurus New moonCounteracting feelings of being overwhelmed with a Taurus new moon is an exercise in adoring everything about being alive on such a beautiful and bountiful planet. It’s about reveling in the pleasures of life and all the comfort and beauty available for us by relaxing into the idea that this can come easy.

Taurus energy blesses us with the gift of being receptive and deserving of love, respect, and material rewards. We are invited to change our perspective from we are alone to solve all our problems without the course in miracles or at minimum a road map to a new one. A perspective that we are not separated from spirit and that we were never meant to live this life without the guiding love of the creator.

Find the peace in seeing beauty all around, and we will see a space open up between us and icky side of life.

Need help in making this attitude adjustment? No worries, Coventry has a candle for that and creative ideas on how to take that bottled magic and spread it around in your life for great results. First you have to get your spirit legs grounded into the here and now. The past is done and the future doesn’t exist. Now is the only time you can create. I recommend a Stability Blessed Herbal candle to get you grounded. Before you light this candle, spend a little time counting your blessings. You may need to push your pain aside to be able to see them. Now that they are counted (and documented), light the Stability Blessed Herbal candle so you can ground into that part of your life and not the other. As your candle burns and melts the wax, feel your own roots grow into the earth and accept her warm embrace as she sends you love. Stay with this until you are completely filled from toes to head. Now thank your body for being so tolerant of your misguided decisions and doing it’s best to keep up with you (your soul). Spend some time appreciating, even adoring how magnificent your body is. It’s quite a marvel and so very strong. Do not judge your body. It is exactly the right body for you, and you can improve it if you desire.

Now it’s time to express your gratitude for your indwelling spirit. It has been your steadfast companion throughout all your adventures. Tune into this holy part of yourself and feel the deep love and joy there. Acknowledge her presence and give thanks for never leaving your side. After you are done, make a promise to visit her often and make plans together instead of going off on your own and then seeking out a rescue from her. Whenever you are feeling burdened by life, take out your Wicked Good Easy Street spray and mist your aura, your space or your lottery ticket. Start having fun with life and affirm it will be easier.

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