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Full moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017

Full Moon JuneTransition is the process in which something changes from one state to another. Our state of being is transitory. Rarely are we completely stagnant. Something about us is always in process. It could be as deep as a change of mind or as superficial as a change of clothes.

Nature is also in continual movement from season to season, birth, maturing and death. Even as something dies, it does it by progressing from one state to another. This month, as the moon turns full and travels through the sign of Sagittarius we have an opportunity to handle transitions in our life with purpose. The Archer approaches life with a sense of freedom as well as with a sense of humor. There is no point is dealing with something if you’re not going to do it with honesty and with a clear definition of what is the right way to do things and a wrong way.

I believe the most painful way to do something is with blinders on.

The Sag full moon wants to help us remove the things that block our ability to see what is really going on so we can move through life with grace and honesty. There are no workarounds, dodging or denial when the moon brings the Archer to earth. This month, identify your current transition and hold it delicately in your attention so you can really see it and let it be what it is. You, moving from one state of being toward another. Be brave and let all the components of the change come to your mind, including the ones you don’t like. Bless them as they are part of this process and without them you could not complete the transition. There will be things to embrace and things to let go. To help you stay with it, light a Coventry Creations Transitions Blessing Kit while affirming that you desire to see the truth and take the right actions. To help you keep track of the process, start a journal, timeline or calendar. Be sure to include your feelings about each step.

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New moon in Cancer on June 24, 2017
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