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Limited Ed BHC’s still available.

New! Limited Edition Blessed Herbal Candles

Five new candles perfect for the times

Calamity Calmer, Code Red, Lilith, Mercury Retrograde, Triple Crown

$17.50 each. We have lots in stock and available while supplies last.

During July and August, we offer five brand new limited edition Blessed Herbal candles.

New gorgeous labels, colors, and scents.

We like to pride ourselves with our sensitivity to world challenges. We believe we offer just the right magical solution to you for when they come to roost on your doorstep. Take a moment to read about each candle. We know there is one here especially for you.

Calamity Calmer. Life can build up on you, layer upon layer of stress until you no longer can discern what the real stressors are and what just a bother is. This candle is designed to help you take a calm breath in a safe space. This allows you to release the calamity you are hanging onto and open up to easy, attainable resolutions. Who doesn’t get caught up in chaos. When that happens, light this candle and watch peace fill the situation.


I release my confusion into earth,

Creating peace, calm and gentle mirth.

Calamity unwound, released from my mind

easy solutions in this moment I do find.

Laughing at the struggle my spirit does rise;

I know my next action

what is most wise

My stress is dissolved is how it shall be, this I make so, 3x3x3

Code Red

Code Red is a universal symbol for help is needed. This all-purpose candle will assist in communicating the urgency of the situation to your spirit allies asking for and receiving an immediate change and improvement to your dilemma.


The danger apparent and my need is clear. Send help right away for the threat is dear.

Spirits, guides, ancestors; to you I release, this current crisis that ravages my peace.

I breathe in your love to secure my calm, I see your action and it is my balm

All is resolved and so it will be, this magic comes to me 3x3x3



Lilith is an ancient goddess of creation that had her power stripped over time by conquering cultures, diminishing her to a demon; yet, she was too powerful to ever be forgotten. Her modern resurrection has been led by women reclaiming their power and calling upon Lilith’s ability to rise up again and again.


Mother Lilith, I surrender my rage,

Bring us out of this suppressive age.

Your primal wisdom that endures and unfolds,

transcend those who would diminish the divinity you hold.

Transform my wounds into powers I may wield,

to manifest this vision of a life that is healed.

So it is and so it shall be, goddess bless me, 3x3x3

Mercury Retrograde Neutralizer

The planet Mercury rules communication, intellect, and travel. When it goes into retrograde, those areas of life are disrupted, and you are shown what you need to fix now before it breaks in a way that in unrecoverable. This candle helps lessen the disruptive impact of mercury retrograde and get ye rebalanced.


Heart of the divine, breathe the light of the universe into the dark of Mercury. Shine your light within my life to enlighten me. Lift these challenges and bring to me the true blessings of Mercury.

Triple Crown

The crown of success, the crown of glory and the crown of sovereignty are levels of personal evolution. Maturing from pushing your will to create, to understanding your own power, to co-creating with the divine. When you achieve all levels, all possibilities are open to you.


Light of divinity awaken in me, crowns of success, glory and sovereignty.

Within they exist and yearn to be free, embracing all possibilities is my key

With confidence and ease I manifest this goal, my spirit evolves to adopt this role

Aligned in destiny I will be, this I make true, 3x3x3

Two easy ways to get a limited edition Blessed Herbal candle in your hands.

  1. Order online at coventrycreations.com and order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Call us at the Candle Wick Shoppe 1-248-547-2987. We will answer your questions, take your order and make you smile.

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